👠 Book review 👠 Lady Susan (a novella included in Love and

9/5/2021, 4:23:39 AM
👠 Book review 👠 Lady Susan (a novella included in Love and Friendship) by Jane Austen This is totally different from Austen’s other works because it’s written almost entirely in the form of letters between the characters, and the titular main character is extremely unlikeable. In fact, Lady Susan is downright awful but that’s what made this novella fun! Like Austen’s other works, it is extremely well written. I thought all the characters were vivid, unique, and entertaining. The letter format didn’t necessarily bother me but I found I probably would have preferred a fully fleshed out novel. Swipe for synopsis. I highly recommend the film adaption which is titled Love & Friendship (I believe on Prime) starring Kate Beckinsale as Lady Susan. She is absolutely great in this and the movie is super fun! Any fun plans for the holiday weekend? I’m getting ahead on school work and going to the racetrack tomorrow. Also catching up on podcasts- @carlyaquilino Secret Keepers Club, @jensenandholes Murder Squad, and starting season 3 of Dr. Death. PSA: There is a fake scam account pretending to me, username readmorewithllaur (two Ls) please report and don’t follow them/don’t let them follow you. My account is public with more than one post and has one L. 🤓

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