✨Review✨One Last Stop ~ Casey McQuiston This was like queer

8/15/2021, 3:06:33 AM
✨Review✨One Last Stop ~ Casey McQuiston This was like queer Veronica Mars and I was absolutely here for all of it 😭👏🏼 August moves to NYC and then meets Jane, a mysterious girl on the subway. I don’t read romance very often, if ever, but there was something drawing me to this one. It may have been the hype on booksta, it may be that beautiful cover, it may be because August is bisexual and we love bi rep. All I know now is that I’m so glad I read it. And by read I mean devoured in less than 18 hours 😅 It’s a chunky one, but none of it feels irrelevant. All the dialogue, all the scenes led to me sobbing by the end. The found family aspect got me GOOD!!! August and Jane’s love isn’t the only plot point either which is maybe why I loved it so much. The romance is there, but it’s also just as much about August’s new housemates; her found fam. The diversity and representation is incredible too. And they are all doing their thing in a city I loved visiting so much. It made me nostalgic for NYC, stuck here in australia travel has never felt so far away. So if you want to be transported to another time, place, person this is for you (see what I did there 😉). There is a sci fi element to this one, which has surprised people but it says it on the blurb so if you don’t want an element of time travel then maybe suspend belief before you pick it up. I liked this book so much that I didn’t even care that the chapters were 30 pages long. @casey .mcquiston has created magic. The characters. The plot. The setting. All perfection! I did have another photo ready for this one involving a train, and then I realised that I dress pretty much like August and here we are. Please appreciate these photos, I had to look through about 85 of them and the last one is the one I used 🙄 CW: racism, homophobia, murder, sexual content [ID: Maddie is dressed like the main character August, she’s white, and wearing a black jumpsuit with a pink t shirt, and she’s holding OLS, her head is out of frame. Second photo is Maddie again , but you can see her head this time and she’s wearing glasses and her ginger hair is tied half up half down]

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