✨Review✨ Sunset ~ Jessie Cave This is a book about grief

8/6/2021, 12:06:13 PM
✨Review✨ Sunset ~ Jessie Cave This is a book about grief. About what happens when an accident happens to your best friend and relative and you’re left there to pick up the pieces. On paper this is absolutely my kind of book. Muddling through complex emotions in your 20s, doing potentially ‘unlikable’ things because of said emotions, and how we can find joy in things again to be okay. I think I expected too much, and that’s my fault. I let the hype get the best of me on a book that maybe I wouldn’t have read straight away if I hadn’t seen it in every second post. I also listened to this as an audiobook and I wonder if the style didn’t lend well to audio. There was a lot of clunky “me:…” “her…” dialogue. We go back and fourth with Ruth before and after the accident as her and Hannah’s relationship comes to life. I don’t know if it’s just me but their constant talk about calories and people’s bodies really frustrated me, I know that’s how society works but I didn’t need to read it on every fourth page. I’ve been thinking a lot about death recently and I think I connected to the wrong character. I was meant to be sympathetic to Ruth, but instead I just felt Hannah more. The wrong timing got me good, and absolutely could be why I didn’t love it. I will say, that around chapter 60 it got a bit better, I connected more with Ruth, and I loved the last line (that’s a thing with me if you’re new here) but the last chunk of it wasn’t enough to win me over. I applaud Jessie Cave for writing this in the middle of a pandemic, and after the loss of her brother. I can’t imagine that would’ve been easy. I also didn’t know who she was until I googled her and realised she was Lavender Brown in HP. Anywho, overall an average read for me; it wasn’t bad, I just expected too much. And side note: I can’t even tell you how confused I was when she said she had walked to school with no pants on! It took me a good minute to realise she meant undies and people in the UK call them pants?! Also trying to find a pic for this photo background and couldn’t go past sharing all these photos of sunsets I’ve taken, so enjoy ☀️ CW: death, suicidal ideation

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