✨Review✨Cultish ~ Amanda Montell What do you think when you

8/1/2021, 9:58:27 AM
✨Review✨Cultish ~ Amanda Montell What do you think when you hear “cult”? I immediately go to people in the woods wearing the same colour all sleeping with each other. In Cultish @amanda _montell takes apart what we think we know about cults with the perfect balance of language and lil bit of psychology. For me it was the inclusion of psychology that really pushed this up for me. A well researched and resourced book, it is broken into parts that starts with the more known dangerous suicide cults like Jonestown, and Heaven’s Gate. Then moves through to MLMs, social media, and groups like SoulCycle and CrossFit. This book questions what it means to be a cult, we have prototypes and stereotypes of the behaviour that makes a cult a cult and I really enjoyed the language element. The way we speak to people really does have impact, and one quote that stood out to me in this one was “language doesn’t work to manipulate people into believing things they don’t want to believe; instead, it gives them license to believe ideas they were already open to. Language … reshapes a person’s reality only if they are in an ideological place where that reshaping is welcome”. The discussion around brainwashing is well done, and I enjoyed challenging my own thoughts and beliefs around the topic. I will say I liked the parts about the more “traditional” cults better but that’s just because I’m interested in those more than someone riding a bike Overall I really just LOVE the way she writes. It makes for a wonderful reading experience 👏🏼 I think if you have any interest in cults you should read this, any interest in language you should read this, and if you’re after more once you have read it Amanda has a podcast with Isa Medina called @soundslikeacultpod and it’s also very good! And one thing I wanted in Wordslut was a reference list or further reading and we got that in Cultish and I can’t tell you how happy I was to see it. yes I am a nerd If I were a cult leader everyone would have to wear odd socks. My one and only arbitrary rule. Scroll to see how Theodore feels about cults, but should I be worried about Frankie? She’s concentrating a bit too hard for my liking 😅

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