May was a month full of incredible reads for me (wrap up

6/1/2021, 8:13:13 PM
May was a month full of incredible reads for me (wrap up coming soon), but I want to give a special shout out to PARACHUTES // Kelly Wang. I picked this up a while ago because the cover was so striking and I’m so happy I did because the story is even more powerful. This book tackles a wide range of deeply important subjects from the intersection of ethnicity & nationality, class, and reputation to the systems that enable racism, misogyny and sexual assault. It’s equally heartbreaking and heartwarming as we follow the evolution of Dani and Claire’s relationship and how they help lift each other out of their darkest moments. Big content warning for topics surrounding r*pe and SA, but if that’s something you can handle, I highly recommend checking this one out! + I’m kind of in love with how perfectly this nail polish matches this cover! It’s the color ‘BP’ from @oliveandjune . You can use my code ‘mentallybooked20’ for 20% off your next O&J order!

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