What were some of your favorite reads as a kid? I have so

5/17/2021, 6:24:07 PM
What were some of your favorite reads as a kid? I have so many! We used to live right across the street from the library and I used to go and spend hours there as a kid and have some really strong and good memories tied to books I came across on the shelves. For the last couple of years I’ve been searching for books that really stood out to me as a kid and adding them to my shelves. I’ve been pretty successful in finding them at thrift stores and thrift book type websites with the original covers that I read them in as a kid, too! I’m getting pretty good at key word searches for the books I don’t remember titles to, and all in all, the ongoing search has been one of the most fun and rewarding part of my book collecting! (I didn’t even look at authors names until I was in high school, so the search is all based on parts of the story that stood out to me the strongest!) I have finally collected all of the “Dealing with Dragons” books and was lucky enough to find all of them in with the original cover illustration, hardcover, and in really decent shape. (Most of them were old library copies and the library plastic kept them in really nice shape!) Now I can’t wait to reread them as an adult and see how my childhood memories of them compare to my adult reading of them! This is always the most fun part because I often misunderstood things as a kid, or themes sailed way over my head. Have you done any rereading of childhood favorites lately? #dealingwithdragons #searchingfordragons #callingondragons #talkingtodragons #patriciacwrede #childrensbooks #kidlit #dragons #fantastyfiction #favoritebooks #amreading #everydaymagic #thehappynow #ofwhimsicalmoments #igbooks #quietinthewild #readersofinstagram #bookcommunity #bookaesthetic #booknerdigans #joyspotting #booksbooksbooks #bookart #ilovebooks #introvertedlife #leituras #reading #bookaholic #instadaily #storytime

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