A newly released memoir you should have on radar: I’M IN

4/5/2021, 10:51:28 PM
A newly released memoir you should have on radar: I’M IN SEATTLE, WHERE ARE YOU? // Mortada Gzar “As the US occupation of Iraq rages, novelist Mortada Gzar, a student at the University of Baghdad, has a chance encounter with Morise, an African American soldier. It’s love at first sight, a threat to them both, and a moment of self-discovery. Challenged by society’s rejection and Morise’s return to the US, Mortada takes to the page to understand himself. In his deeply affecting memoir, Mortada interweaves tales of his childhood work as a scrap-metal collector in a war zone and the indignities faced by openly gay artists in Iraq with his impossible love story and journey to the US. Marginalized by his own society, he is surprised to discover the racism he finds in a new one. At its heart, I’m in Seattle, Where Are You? is a moving tale of love and resilience.” Not only am I eager to read a first-hand account of the impact of the US occupation in Iraq, but I’m also looking forward to getting a glimpse of the LGBTQ+ experience outside of Western culture. I don’t read nearly enough own voice representations of that experience. So if anyone has recommendations for LGBTQ+ narratives, fictional or not, outside of western cultures, I’d love to add them to my TBR. Thank you so much @amazonpublishing @tlcbooktours for this gifted copy!

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