Happy pub day to WE RUN THE TIDES // Vendela Vida ✨ “We are

2/9/2021, 8:21:29 PM
Happy pub day to WE RUN THE TIDES // Vendela Vida ✨ “We are thirteen, almost fourteen, and the streets of Sea Cliff are our own.” I read this beauty in January and it ended up being one of my favorite books of the month! This book is a weird, but seamless blend of coming-of-age meets suspenseful mystery, all wrapped up in ‘80’s nostalgia and humor. I loved the two main characters, Eulabee and Maria Fabiola. They clearly had their own flaws and made decisions that I wouldn’t, but I found them fascinating and always wanted to root for them. As I was reading though, I kept forgetting how young these girls are. With the situations they get themselves in and the amount of freedom they have, I kept making them 16-17 in my head. However I think that actually contributes to the message of the story, rather than detracting from it. I think the conscious decision to tell this story with girls of this age is part of the exploration of innocence and girlhood and freedom in its many forms. This book is weird, but powerful and completely entrancing. If you like books with strong and complex female characters and friendship, I’d highly recommend checking this one out! Thank you so much @bibliolifestyle and @eccobooks for this advanced copy! #WeRunTheTides

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