Is movie night a production or a laid back affair for you?

2/4/2021, 6:41:18 PM
Is movie night a production or a laid back affair for you? When I was a kid we had movie night on Fridays. We went to our local grocery store and picked out a VHS from the rental aisle, ordered a Pizza with a bottle of soda, and watched a film together. I really want to do a themed food + dress up viewing for a show or film someday, but otherwise we’re pretty laid back around here. This past week I received a gifted package in the mail from @UniAllAccess for the @LetHimGoMovie , which I did not realize was based on a book. (I mean, if these things come to me, I have to assume they are related to a book somehow. 😂) It’s been awhile since I’ve read a Western and so I’m currently deciding if I’ll watch the film first or read the book. (It looks like an intense film so I wonder if reading it first will help me feel less anxiety while watching. 🤔) My favorite stories are about loyalty and family, and after reading the synopsis and watching the film trailer I feel drawn to the plot and the idea of protecting and saving your family (I’ll leave the synopsis below) Also. Kevin Costner. Have you read this book or already seen the film? Thank you to Universal Pictures for the fun package, which had a copy of the book, the DVD, several snacks from local Montana companies, and a blanket to make the perfect movie night!(This film is available on DVD now or can be streamed digitally!) Synopsis: Dalton, North Dakota. It's September 1951: years since George and Margaret Blackledge lost their son when he was thrown from a horse; months since his widow left with their only grandson and married another man. Margaret is resolved to find and retrieve her beloved grandson, while George, a retired sheriff, is none too eager to stir up trouble. Unable to sway his wife from her mission, George takes to the road with Margaret by his side, traveling through the Badlands to Montana. But when Margaret tries to bring little Jimmy home, the Blackledges find themselves entangled with the Weboy clan, who are determined not to give up the boy without a fight.

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