✨home body ~ rupi kaur✨ I love poetry. But it’s so

12/11/2021, 9:41:08 AM
✨home body ~ rupi kaur✨ I love poetry. But it’s so subjective, so it’s hard to review. As always @rupikaur _ has nailed this. I ended up reading it all in one sitting, which I did with Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers. I always regret doing that because afterwards I wish I had more time to sit in the feelings that the words evoke. The day I read this my doctor said to me; you don’t need to remember, your body knows. And the pages I’ve included in the second photo hit hard. Kaur manages to fit a lot into this collection of poems and I’m so so grateful that she puts her words into the world. Touching on topics such as mental health, trauma, relationships, immigration, and abuse there’s a definite tw. I find so much comfort in her words, and knowing that even though experiences are different human feelings can be so similar. If ever I feel alone I just need to pick up any of her three books. Another one that hit hard “i fear that my best years are behind me and nothing beyond this point will add up” Big feelings reading this one and I’m so grateful to have them and not feel alone in them.

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