Tell me some things you are a sucker for. ( #ad @redbubble

7/28/2021, 5:48:04 PM
Tell me some things you are a sucker for. ( #ad @redbubble ) Me: Sparkly jewelry, witchy vibes, pretty journals, pretty cards, teacups, honeybees, shoes, vintage books, books with foiled covers, Herondales… You guys probably know by now, every time I team up with Redbubble I go straight to Laorel’s Redbubble page first to see what new designs she has and immediately get it on a hardcover journal. This is the latest of her pretties I’ve added to my Redbubble favorite’s list (you can see my full favorites list from the link in my bio and use my code: RBC-B2S20-foldedpagesdistillery  to get 15% off your entire order from now until October 31!) I’m a sucker for pretty journals, so I was going to get one regardless, BUT since our school district is doing online school this Fall as part of our personal curriculum and to help with writing practice, my daughter and I both made a goal to write daily as a way to process our feelings. (time to fill up the one million pretty journals I have…) For this back to school haul I had my daughter pick some designs she liked to jazz up her home school life this Fall (fun cases for her school devices, pillows and blankets to make a cozy reading space etc) Do you think you can tell which design picks are hers and which are mine in my favorites list? 🤣😂. How are you preparing for the Fall 2020 school year? Any tips on how to make learning at home fun for an only child. Asking for myself. 😂 #giftoriginal #RedbubbleB2S

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