Hi loves! Today marks my first month here in bookstagram!

8/14/2021, 7:57:12 AM
Hi loves! Today marks my first month here in bookstagram! 🙌🏼✨💐 So thankful that I created an account even though I basically knew nothing about the bookstagram world. This has been something I look forward to everyday, since I created this account. Work and life has been heavy this year, but bookstagram — books and you, have made it all better! 🥰✨ So glad for the new books I’ve found, conversations I’ve made, strangers who have become my friends. 🧡 I shared a bit about myself in @littlebloomsbookclub last night. I thought, for my first month here, I’d share to you the covers and editions of the books I hold close to me. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks ~ I remember watching the movie for the first time when I was maybe 11? I was watching it on our box tv. I think it was on Studio 23 (remember that channel? Hehe) I was bawling through the credits while Mandy Moore was singing ‘Cry’. 🥺 I couldn’t believe how that truly felt like true love. For my 14th birthday, my Ninang sent me the book! And it’s a book I’ll forever hold close to my heart. I read it every December. ☺️✨ The Set-apart Woman by Leslie Ludy ~ This is a non-fiction Christian book that helped me so much when I was a teenager. This book got me closer to Jesus and reminded me of my purpose.To focus on Him when the world around me is overwhelming. 💕 Little Women by Louisa May Alcott ~ Ughh. I only read it this year and that proposal scene still breaks my heart. I loved watching these sisters grow into the women they were at the end. 🧡 Almost as if I grew with them too. 🥺 Also, guys there is a second book called ‘Good Wives’ — this is where they are in their 20s. Some editions of Little Women have both books but sometimes they are sold separately. ☺️ I also tried to make my version of a library card because I saw a photo of it the other day and it made me miss checking out library books like before. Written names and stamped dates on index cards. 🥺✨ How precious. 💕 Anyways haha. Yay!!! Happy 1 month to me. 😂 I hope you’re all having a cozy day! Did you buy any books today? xx

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