meet ~ me 📚 hi everyone! my lions mane, my tbr pile, and i

7/12/2021, 9:44:32 PM
meet ~ me 📚 hi everyone! my lions mane, my tbr pile, and i coming at you today! 📚 i’m maddie my ‘real’ name is madelon (yep there’s another spelling variation to add to the already too many!) 📚 i’m twenty six if anyone cares about age 📚 i’m a phd student in psychology broadly looking into perceptions of vegans and meat consumption behaviour 📚 i work at my uni as a tutor, and marker. i never saw myself being able to speak infront of large groups and now it’s my living! online teaching makes that a bit easier though 📚 alongside the above point, i’m vegan 📚 i have been reading for as long as i can remember and i have always wanted to be a writer, i guess i just never assumed it would be in the academic sense 📚 i have two cats, one is in the second photo because he was being a pain 📚 i grew up in country victoria, but now i live in melbourne 📚 i think that’s all from me for now thank you everyone for being such kind and welcoming humans. swipe across for my entire face if you’re so inclined ☺️✨

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