Tell me at least one person (fictional or real) you’d love

5/22/2021, 7:35:05 PM
Tell me at least one person (fictional or real) you’d love to have over for tea (coffee, cake, Diet Coke, pizza— you name it) I love to have Gandalf over for starters. I think my chances of being invited on an adventure would increase 100% if he were over and mostly because if you know Gandalf’s history, it’s fascinating. I’d love to just sit and chat with him. (Of course I’d also like Anne Shirley, Jace Herondale, Percy Jackson, and Lara Jean Covey over as well for witty banter, excellent baked goods, a possible wine/cordial mishap, and the possibility of one water-controlling demigod to make the tea pouring exciting.) . ☕️ I thought I loved the @litjoycrate Jane Austen tea cup when it arrived, but my heart very near burst when I pulled this Lord of the Rings inspired tea cup out of their March crate. I. AM. DECEASED. They have announced the themes for the next two tea cups in their quarterly collectible collection and I can’t wait. June’s tea cup is PERCY FREAKING JACKSON. *dies* *dies again because finally good Percy merch* and then September’s tea cup was announced yesterday as Narnia themed *dies again* I cannot wait to see them and have them in my hands. . ☕️ I have been collecting tea cups for years, but I do not have any fandom tea cups, so I’m so excited to add these to my collection! Do you collect anything? . ☕️ #thelordoftherings #thefellowshipofthering #thetwotowers #thereturnoftheking #thehobbit #jrrtolkien #lotr #gandalf #bilbobaggins

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