Black Out Tuesday for Bookstagramers! If it was up to me

6/2/2021, 8:42:59 PM
Black Out Tuesday for Bookstagramers! If it was up to me this whole thing needs to stop. But people are followers so it is what it is. In fact, this movement is so flawed that it’s drowning out everything and basically silencing the Black Lives Matter movement. Think about the damage that going silent is going to do. Instead of posting a black square because everyone is doing it, go on google and see where this originated. All I’m asking is to stay informed. So I’ve created this slide show that’s full of resources so we don’t forget that these things are out there. Do better! Putting a square for a day is not going to do anything. There is more work to be done than putting up a square. Putting up a square can literally take you one sec and it’s a lazy way of supporting. This shouldn’t be an excuse to make you feel like you are part of the movement. If you want to support, put in the time every single day not just one day with one post. It’s sad. But here we are and that’s why I’ve created this. • Thereby I’m matching @thestackspod to giveaway 3 copies of The Vanishing Half which came out today! The first three Black bookstagramers to DM me will get a copy of The Vanishing Half from me. Let’s do better!

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