Have you ever played matchmaker? Or did someone play

5/30/2021, 8:08:51 PM
Have you ever played matchmaker? Or did someone play matchmaker to you? Did the relationship work out? I had a couple blind dates arranged by friends “back in the day”, but these were mostly dates set up because they needed to make a quick pair for a double date. I also can’t recall ever trying to set anyone up. ha. . Yesterday I received this stunning #PicnicwithEMMA package from @EmmaFilm celebrating the release of the DVD/BluRay of the new film Emma, based on Jane Austen’s book of the same name. (You can see the unboxing in my stories still) As you know, I’ve not read any Austen until this year and I have not seen any Austen adapted films. (I KNOW!) So this was my first! My daughter and I sat down last night to watch it together and what a roller coaster that was. ha. . I went in with no previous knowledge of what the story was about and was mostly just caught up in the gorgeous costumes and setting. (Seriously, I want to live in this film) I thought it was going to be all a comedy of matchmaking, but quickly realized that under the humor and gorgeous colors, it was a satire of social class and how the views of Emma change over the course of the story. I am immediately going to read Emma after I finish my current read, “They Went Left”, because I need more of Mr. Knightly. I was smitten with him in the film. His kindness and his passionate reprimand when wrong has been done made me wish that I am like him. I would like to meet him in his original form via the book. . Have you seen the new film? How did it compare with the book? . #EmmaFilm #Emma #janeausten #picnic #classicliterature #onthebed #anyataylorjoy

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