Name a book that you keep meaning to read and never do

6/5/2021, 6:21:11 PM
Name a book that you keep meaning to read and never do. This year, along with trying to showcase and read new releases that I’m interested in, one of my main reading objectives is finally reading the books that get pushed aside as I try to keep up with new releases. . One of my favorite parts of doing this has been that the older the book, the more people have read it! So I’ve had some of the best conversations about books this year as I’ve talked about older books. The other day when I made a drop off at my nearest little free library, I spied this copy of “Magyk” by Angie Sage. I snagged it right away, since I’ve been wanting to read it since I saw the cover years ago. (This released in 2005). . I couldn’t resist setting it up today with some of the goodies from my @tamedwild rep package too! (Velvet black and gold moon bag, Moon deck card, orange beeswax candle— orange for evoking ambition, concentration, and creativity, and pyrite are from @Tamedwild . I’ve loved being a rep for them because of the beautiful and magical quality of items they carry) . I’m looking forward to reading “Magyk” this year and finally checking it off my list! Have you read it? What did you think of it? . #magyk #septimusheap #angiesage #tamedwild #carddeck #magick #witchythings #flatlay

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