My Truth:  So, I’m getting tired of bookstagram guys. I

My Truth: So, I’m getting tired of bookstagram guys. I

5/18/2021, 2:22:06 AM
My Truth: So, I’m getting tired of bookstagram guys. I know that this is a lot to say but this community is just turning so dark for me and it’s truly affecting me. Reading used to be this escape for me but now it feels like I’m doing a job every time I open up this app. That is why I’m not posting that much because I’m trying to take a break and clear my head up. I guess I’m trying to find my way back to the joy of reading which I’ve been missing. Over the past few months I have had countless conversations with people on this platform and I realized that this community is sooooooooo freaking fake and just dark. 1.) you have those who play that little stupid game of following and then unfollowing you. 2.) you have those who low key are here for the free books and don’t care about nothing else but put on this fake ass filter. 3.) and finally you have those who like to avoid the reality of bookstagram because TBH they are afraid of the truth and when you call them out they hide behind the screen. All three of these things are what’s making this community so toxic and making me feel like shit. Don’t get me wrong there are great things about this community but things like this are getting out of control. @read _by_rodkelly touched on this on his post! Moreover, Last year I made the great mistake of letting bookstagramers direct my reading life into a dark hole. I started reading books that didn’t matter and books that now that I’m thinking about it were sooooo pointless. I feel so much regret that I left behind those books that made me start bookstagram in the first place. I left behind those stories that I could relate to as a POC. Even though I haven’t read as many books as I did last year, I’m so grateful that I found my way back to the stories that really matter. I want to let you guys know that you don’t need to read books that other people are reading to be popping. Read the books that you feel like reading and it doesn’t matter if the entire world is reading one book, if you want to read Harry Potter read motherfucking Harry Potter. Don’t let bookstagram put you in a position of stress because it’s not worth it. Thank for reading Henny I will always love u.

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