Which House do you root for during Quidditch matches? (Out

4/8/2021, 9:03:36 PM
Which House do you root for during Quidditch matches? (Out of my six siblings, we are all either Ravenclaw or Slytherin, so that’s who I root for!) . But today is really all about CATCHING THE SNITCH ( #CatchTheSnitch ) for the Year Six @litjoycrate Magical Edition. The trading cards are probably my top favorite item each month in the LitJoy Crates, so I need them all. And in order to get the exclusive gold foiled Snitch trading card in the Year Six Magical Edition, you must repost one of the four images that Litjoy has shared to any of your social media channels and then fill out their online form with a link to your post. The magical crates always Blow. My. Mind and I cannot wait to see what year six has in store. VIP sales for the crate go up on April 10 and then open sales on the 11th and I just had to get my golden snitch post in before the madness begins! . 🦁 🦡 🐍 🦅 (Ironically, I think I would feel too much stress if I were to be a Seeker. I think I’d actually be a pretty good Chaser! What about you?) . Also, just have to shout out @joelrobison who took the Snitch photo in the Litjoy graphic.

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