Me: Ravenclaw, Thunderbird, Phoenix feather wand core

2/23/2021, 6:00:31 PM
Me: Ravenclaw, Thunderbird, Phoenix feather wand core... Black Mare Patronus. My patronus didn’t get the message on the bird theme I had going on, I guess. Do you like the Patronus you were given on Pottermore? . For some reason, of all the tests I’ve taken on fictional things, I cannot accept the patronus quiz. 😂 And I don’t hate that I got a black mare, since I love horses. I just think that the patronus is such a deep manifestation of oneself that there’s just no way for anyone to really know until they conjure one themselves. 🤷🏻‍♀️ . My favorite scene from both the film and book from the Dumbledore’s Army meetings is when Harry teaches the other members how to conjure a patronus. Mostly because I am fascinated by what a patronus represents. Not to mention that you have to be able to conjure a happy feeling during a stressful and scary moment. There is so much symbolism in the patronus and the conjuring of one. . Today I am featuring the Dumbledore’s Army replica sign up sheet and the Dumbledore’s Army galleon from the @litjoycrate Year Five Magical Edition. (Both are available on their website in the Magical Collection section). I’m half tempted to sign my own name to the sheet 😂. I know for sure that I would have joined, even though I did the math and figured out that I’d have been a first year when Harry was in his fifth. Little Bebe Hikari with all the desire but probably not very much ability 😂😂

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