Did anyone see the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse last

1/26/2021, 5:38:30 PM
Did anyone see the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse last Sunday? It was pouring rain here in California so I couldn’t see a thing in the sky. I had to rely on pictures my friends were sending me to see! . The moon and the night sky have always been something I’ve been in love with, so I was disappointed to miss seeing it for myself. Especially since I’ve been in a moon monitoring phase (pun intended 🙈). I recently received this “Wild Moon” lunar phase deck from @tamedwild (I’m going to be a new rep for them!) and have been reading the card every night according to which moon is in the sky. I’m still learning which moon is what (some times there are two cards with the same moon phase name but different contents on the card) . Tonight’s moon is a waning gibbous (and there are two cards for this) so I’m going to share one and hope it’s the right one. haha. . Waning Gibbous: MANTRA: “I am open to knowledge. I am a perpetual student. I know nothing and everything. (This speaks so hard to my Ravenclaw spirit.) . Oil: Anoint a candle with either cinnamon or mint oil. Both revitalize and reawaken the mind. . Ritual: Choose an area of study that has either always called to you, or has recently come into focus. Care out special solitary time for study, contemplation, and when you’re ready, sharing and communication. This forms the structure for community— strengthened, awake, and aware. (Like I said, my Ravenclaw heart is thinking that the Waning Gibbous is going to be my special moon phase, and also just feels appropriate for this bookstagram community and the knowledge we like to share with each other!) . I’ll take a picture of the whole back of the card so you can see everything in my stories. I know some people might find this kind of thing hokey, but I can’t help but love learning the history of the moon and this kind of thing.

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