Ok, so I was trying to avoid the article from Vulture but I

11/2/2021, 2:10:17 PM
Ok, so I was trying to avoid the article from Vulture but I couldn’t help myself. Where there is drama I’m there 😂. But here it comes. I’m going to use the same tone that the writer used in her shitty article. So get ready!!! Eowww Uuuuuuu I’m so mad right now. Those were my actual thoughts when I finished that nasty ass article. But something that was bothering me about this messed up article was this anger that Hillary Kelly had over the bookstagram community. Like girl why are so angry, take a chill pill and then we could talk. But don’t come and publish your bullshit article coming at this community like you know everything already. Clearly you didn’t find anything to write about so you decided to write about us. First of all, like my good friend Simone here on Instagram said in her stories, there are different types of bookstagramers in Instagram. There are those who write wonderful reviews and there are those who just like taking beautiful pictures with THEIR books. I wish I was as creative as those who take wonderful pictures with THEIR books. I mean every time I see one of these picture my mouth just drops open in astonishment. So, why does it matter to you Hillary from Vulture what people do with their books. They bought those books and they could do what ever they want with them. I’m not done. It also seemed that you wrote this article in desperation because if you really wanted to write a real article you could have ask those instagrammers some questions about their aesthetic. And also see the different types of bookstagramers out there who make this community incredible. In other words, the different types of aesthetics in bookstagram. In fact, I heard that she didn’t even ask permission to use people’s photos in her article. Like wtf. I would sue her, shit. This community is so much more than books, this community is a support system. I love this community so much because everyone here is so kind and real. My day becomes brighter when I open my Instagram app. So instead of taking your hate on us why didn’t you write a REAL article about how this community works. Continued in the comments.....

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