#partner Thank you so much to @littlebrown  for sending me

#partner Thank you so much to @littlebrown for sending me

11/7/2021, 12:20:18 AM
#partner Thank you so much to @littlebrown for sending me a copy of The Latecomers. I had to say Happy Pub Day to this gem 💎 right here that I’m also extremely excited to start soon. This story sounds like no other, and I love stories that talk about how the past can never be forgotten. To know more about this new book the synopsis is down below. This is from Goodreads: In 1908, sixteen-year-old Bridey runs away from her small town in Ireland with her same-age sweetheart Thom. But when Thom dies suddenly of ship fever on their ocean crossing, Bridey finds herself alone and pregnant in a strange new world. Forced by circumstance to give up the baby for adoption, Bridey finds work as a maid for the Hollingworth family at a lavish, sprawling estate. It's the dawn of a new century: innovative technologies are emerging, women's roles are changing, and Bridey is emboldened by the promise of a fresh start. She cares for the Hollingworth children as if they were her own, until a mysterious death changes Bridey and the household forever. For decades, the terrible secrets of Bridey's past continue to haunt the family. And in the present day, after a strange blue bottle is found hidden beneath old wallpaper, the youngest Hollingworth makes a connection that finally brings these dark ghost stories into the light. Told in interweaving timelines and rich with detailed history, romance and dark secrets, Helen Klein Ross' THE LATECOMERS spans a century of America life and reminds us all that we can never truly leave the past behind.

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