Last week, the English translation of this book  was

Last week, the English translation of this book was

10/2/2021, 5:03:48 PM
Last week, the English translation of this book was released in the US (after being hugely popular in France) and I was kindly sent a copy from the publisher to review. . I’ve got mixed feelings about this book, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the world or what is going to happen to the characters, so I think the author is still winning.😂 . It took me nearly the entire book to figure out what the plot was and its still sort of murky. The world building is awesome and the powers the characters possess are interesting. That alone was enough to get me through much of the story before realizing a lot of things are happening that I couldn’t quite make sense of based on the motives given. . In a nutshell, Ophelia is a talented Reader, meaning she can touch an object and know much about all the hands/people who have owned or touched that object. She has the ability to travel through mirrors, a rare talent. After blatantly refusing to marry anyone (I THINK Ophelia is asexual, which was such a breath of fresh air for a story. I don’t know this for sure though.) Ophelia is engaged to a man from a far off Arc and she’s taken away to learn all about the terrifying, conniving, and manipulative people he comes from. . Seriously, you can’t trust anyone, which is why Ophelia needs to be in hiding while she is there, so conniving are the people in the Pole. If they knew about her presence, she’d most likely be killed. Instead, she spends most of her time in disguise and abused. Honestly, I didn’t really get the point of her needing to be in the Pole, if she never saw her fiancé and she was constantly in hiding and living a pretty terrible life. . I needed to wade through the middle there a bit before things started to pick up further into the second half. . The best part of the whole thing is Ophelia. I’m not quite sure where all the manipulations and things we learn in this story are going to take us, or why a lot of things had to happen in this story—but you do get a good idea of how this world works and it definitely stays with you. Ophelia is a formidable character to follow in the coming books, and I will be continuing the series.

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