WINNER: @courtneycanread . This last week at BEA and

6/5/2021, 9:01:48 PM
WINNER: @courtneycanread . This last week at BEA and BookCon reminded me how most of my closest friends are actually people I met here on Bookstagram. Today I’m partnering with @disneybooks to celebrate friendship and the release of author @tamaraistone ’s book, “Little Do We Know” with a giveaway. . Since “Little Do We Know” is a moving story about friendship (synopsis in comments) I thought I would share a little about how @ursula _uriarte became one of my best friends. Three years ago I found Ursula’s Instagram account and immediately idolized her (I tried to copy her wooden floor photo style by taking photos out on my deck. ha) After months of following her, she and I began sending DMs about the release of the first illustrated edition of Harry Potter and I remember being nervous about everything I wrote back to her because I was afraid I’d sound like an idiot or a loser. haha. The second pic shared here is Ursula’s – Disney sent us these matching “Soul Sisters” mugs! . Now, here we are three years later and it’s pretty rare that a day goes by that we don’t talk, and there isn’t anything going on in my life that she doesn’t know about. We’ve been there for each other through embarrassing moments, rough times, and have had a lot of laughs. We met in person for the first time at BEA in 2016 and have seen each other a couple other times too. Whenever people are embarrassed to tell me that they use an online dating service I always tell them that I met some of my best and closest friends on the internet, so I’ll be the last person to tease them about that. 😂😂 . GIVEAWAY: US entries only for TWO copies of “Little Do We Know” plus matching BFF enamel pins: . 👯‍♀️Like this photo 👯‍♀️Tell me how you met one of your best friends. Was it through Instagram? 👯‍♀️For extra chances to win, you can enter on @ursula _uriarte’s Instagram stories today. . #littledoweknowbook #tamarastone #besties

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