#currentlyreading  . I only got 60 pages into this lovely

#currentlyreading . I only got 60 pages into this lovely

4/10/2021, 4:00:05 PM
#currentlyreading . I only got 60 pages into this lovely last week before I knew that continuing while sick would just result in me getting a lesser experience from the story. And since I was enjoying it (the prologue is WOW and mystery unfolds pretty quickly, so I am very eager to continue.) I didn’t want to ruin it for myself. . So I’m back at this baby today and just in time to celebrate its release today. Even in the small amount of pages I was able to get to last week, it was also fun to read because this story takes place right here where I live! It’s just been fun to REALLY be able to visualize where everything is happening, like this story could actually be happening right now to someone around me. Ever since I moved to the Bay Area I’ve found several books that take place here an it’s a new and really enjoyable experience! Before here, I lived in Utah and the story lines that take place there are scarce. haha. (although the Great Salt Lake DID make an appearance in the Heroes of Olympus series.) . Anyway, this is my first book by Kelly Loy Gilbert and it’s easy to tell in just the first page that she’s an excellent writer and I’m excited to continue with this read now that I’m feeling better! . (also, sorry I wasn’t able to respond to many comments yesterday. I really wasn’t kidding when I said I had to hit my to-do list hard after a week of being sick. I’ll be responding today!) (also, also, I’m pretty proud of myself for dropping into a skate bowl on my feet—sliding down the whole wall upright with a book in my hand, to get to the graffiti inside for this pic. haha.) . Do you enjoy reading books based in locations you’re familiar with? Or do you find it distracting? . #pictureusinthelight #kellyloygilbert #graffitiart #urbanart

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