Heyyyyyyyyyyy Henny! Happy Sunday....ourfff wait no Happy

5/1/2021, 8:42:12 PM
Heyyyyyyyyyyy Henny! Happy Sunday....ourfff wait no Happy Monday!? *checks calendar* oh it’s Friday! Well, Happy #friyay then. These months have been flying during quarantine, like one day I go to sleep in March and the next thing I know it’s May. It’s whateva though. On other news, As our dear friends on bookstagram @owlslittlelibrary @elena .luo and many others have reminded us, May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!!!! Yaaaaaaaaassss 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. Here is a stack (gurl the stack was heavy) of all the books that I could find around my house by API authors. Let me explain why I have so many. When I started bookstagram about two years ago, I found that I really enjoyed books by API authors because they discussed immigration, culture, race, and many other themes that I could relate to. I honestly found myself feeling represented in someways when I read them because of these themes. I also read books by API authors because of the fact that I’m learning about a culture that I’m not too familiar with. I love learning about other cultures and API authors always deliver for me with their stories. I haven’t gotten to most of these but hopefully, I will get to them sometime this year. Do you see any favorites in this stack? Let’s talk down below Henny!

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