Do you have a favorite type of folklore/fairytale?  Maybe a

Do you have a favorite type of folklore/fairytale? Maybe a

4/26/2021, 5:55:02 PM
Do you have a favorite type of folklore/fairytale? Maybe a specific legend, or stories from a specific country? I really love fairytales of all kinds and retellings are one of my biggest draws to a story. (I do find that I’m pretty partial to Russian and Arabic folklore and Greek myths and mythical creatures from Asian and European countries) . I was recently gifted this copy of “Don’t Call The Wolf” by Aleksandra Ross from @epicreads and I had to immediately read the first 10 pages, straight out of the envelope because the cover was so beautiful. A GOLDEN DRAGON comes into the story from the first page…sooooo sold. haha. But with a little more research on the book, I discovered that it’s based on Polish folklore so I’m super excited to try this. I’m just getting into “Shadow of the Fox” (a kitsune based story) and so I’m thinking maybe I’ll just set myself on a folklore streak this week. . Already the early reviews I’ve read on this one are mixed, so I decided to stop reading any further so they don’t interfere with my reading. Do you ever have trouble separating a book from reviews after you’ve read to many? I find that I’m able to still keep my own impressions, but comments from a review stick with me during my reading if they are particularly strong and seem like a present thing while I read. . Synopsis: A forest, besieged. A queen, unyielding. Fans of Leigh Bardugo and Holly Black will devour this deliciously dark Eastern European–inspired YA fantasy debut. When the Golden Dragon descended on the forest of Kamiena, a horde of monsters followed in its wake. Ren, the forest’s young queen, is slowly losing her battle against them. Until she rescues Lukasz—the last survivor of a heroic regiment of dragon slayers—and they strike a deal. She will help him find his brother, who vanished into her forest… if Lukasz promises to slay the Dragon. But promises are all too easily broken. . #dontcallthewolf #aleksandraross #fairytales #folklore #retelling #amreading

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