Cinderella, Rapunzel, and BatB by @silverdolphinbooks 5/5

4/6/2021, 6:27:31 PM
Cinderella, Rapunzel, and BatB by @silverdolphinbooks 5/5 stars . Listen, I’m not proud to admit this, but the other day I found myself in a tiny argument with my four-year-old about who’s turn it was to do the pull tab on these “Push, Pull, Slide” fairytales. . I was sent these books a week or two ago for review (you might have seen my boomerang videos in my IG stories) and not only are they just plain adorable, the tabs are clever! I loved all the ways that simply pulling, pushing, or spinning one of these tabs made these a magical reading experience! . Mama review: These have collectable cute status and I honestly enjoyed them myself. Bebe review: My daughter puts these into her backpack whenever she’s packing stuff to keep her entertained on our outings. Even though they are fairly short, the tabs are fun enough that some times one page keeps her entertained for several minutes, making the whole read through last significantly longer. . All in all, I honestly love these and if you’re looking for something cute enough to be collectable, and entertaining and clever enough to pass lots of time, these are some I can now recommend. . What’s your favorite fairy tale? Rapunzel (read “Tangled”) is my fave.

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