I think it was two years ago that a friend of mine read The

4/13/2021, 6:02:08 PM
I think it was two years ago that a friend of mine read The Bees and suggested it to me. So I grabbed it from the library, but then I had to return it early because we were going out of town. It just kind of fell off my radar until I was at Barnes and Noble this past weekend and I found a copy (a teensy bit banged up) in their clearance section for $5. Better believe I scooped that. . The Bees is told from the perspective OF BEES and I’m a huge lover of honey and bees. My old neighbor kept bees and allowed me to help him open up his hives in the spring. I got all decked out in the beekeeper garb and we’d pull out each of the trays in the hive and he would talk me through everything I needed to do and taught me so much about bees. I was in heaven. I miss that so much. I’ve always wanted my own hives, but we just haven’t lived in a place where that is possible yet. SOME DAY I WILL KEEP BEES AND MY LIFE WILL BE MAGIC. . (I haven’t read “Himself” yet, and although the synopsis sounds intriguing, I can’t vouch for any bees in the book other than on the cover. haha) . Do you guys have any interests that, if seen in a book, make you pick it up? . Swipe left to see a close up of this stunning Queen Bee necklace from @eejewellery . The moment I saw it, I was in love. Thank you for sending it! . Teacup and saucer by @chichouz

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