This is how we feel about @Litjoycrate  around here

This is how we feel about @Litjoycrate around here

9/6/2021, 9:39:42 PM
This is how we feel about @Litjoycrate around here. (Smiley and laugh-y and full of graham crackers. So basically awesome.) . We are big big fans of author Angela Diterlizzi and illustrator Brendan Wenzel, so we were pretty pumped to find “Some Pets” in this month’s box. We’ve already got “Some Bugs” completely memorized and I suspect it won’t be long until “Some Pets” is memorized too. (I love that they are easy to memorize. It makes my daughter feel like she can really participate in telling the story, and are great books for early readers too) . August “Pets” themed box for ages 3-7 year olds: . 🐩“Some Pets” by Angela DiTerlizzi, illustrated by Brendan Wenzel 🐈Water Wow! by Melissa and Doug 🐩Scooby-Doo dog bone shaped graham cracker 🐈Fox felt ears by @oppositeoffar new Ears Collection 🐩Parent Gift: Pique Tea Crystals from @pique _tea and $20 coupon code for @chatbooks . . Even though everything is super awesome in this month’s crate, I’ve got to say that the Water Wow! by Melissa and Doug has been the favorite. It’s a reusable paint-with-water book and pretty much everyone in the family has had a go on it. . Also very pumped to add another DiTerlizzi/Wenzel book to our collection! . Who are some of your favorite children’s book authors or illustrators?

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