Announcing our March @deliciousreads  book club pick

Announcing our March @deliciousreads book club pick

3/9/2021, 2:14:45 AM
Announcing our March @deliciousreads book club pick, “Illuminae” This was one of my top favorite reads last year (see my full review link in bio) and “Gemina” (book 2) is one of my top anticipated reads this year! I am particularly excited for this book club meeting because I am the moderator. So I’m thinking of some good discussion questions to keep our discussion engaging and fun. Actually, I need some ideas. I’ve got a prize bag all made up with lots of fun goodies for a winner. I just need something for them to win at. bahaha. I thought maybe a staring contest, and if you blink you have to yell “DON’T LOOK AT ME” (like in the book) But is that too easy? Some times our book club does a quiz on the book, and the person who gets the most questions right wins a prize. Or maybe an Illuminae game? Possibly something zombie related? Last person who doesn’t catch the disease wins? I DON’T KNOW. So if you have some cool ideas, let me know! I want something creative and fun. Sky is the limit!

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