Good Morning! Kicking off this #recommendationfriday  with

Good Morning! Kicking off this #recommendationfriday with

2/5/2021, 6:12:55 PM
Good Morning! Kicking off this #recommendationfriday with “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake”. . If you’re looking for a good book club selection, I think this one makes for excellent discussion. Rose Edelstein has a peculiar skill which she discovers the night before her ninth birthday. At her request, her mother baked her a beautiful lemon-chocolate cake that tasted of despair and hollowness. Yes, TASTED of despair and hollowness. Rose learns that day that she has the ability to taste the undercurrent of feelings within the chef, in food she eats. Not only that, but over time she learns to discern the layers within each bite. The eggs are from Michigan, gathered by a happy farmer. The thyme was plucked rudely, by a guy who is obviously a jerk. Although the skill seemed amazing to me at first, readers quickly learn that it's almost a curse to be subjected to the overpowering, awful tastes of rage, depression, and grief. And when her supposed happy mother is cooking all of her meals, Rose begins to learn her mother is full of secrets and feelings that taste awful. Readers follow Rosie through ages 9-22. As Rosie grows and learns how to manipulate her ability, she is able to get some reprieve and find foods of refuge. Through her family's deep problems (nothing like her best friend Eliza, whose mother-made sandwiches always taste of love and joy) they each have their own way of coping. Some ways which are startling, others which are hurtful. In the end, I'm still thinking through what this book is really about. It's not really about a girl with powers to taste feelings. I think it's about understanding human nature, meanings of love and devotion, escape, understanding how people deal with their lot in life, or how to deal with revelations that lead you to see things are not as you thought they were. It makes you question and ponder. (and you know me and how I love books about food.) My full review is on the blog. (Link in bio) If you could have one super ability, what would it be? I’m always torn between invisibility and reading minds.

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