Day 4: #nerdybookchallenge  "Can't Stop Taking Pix of..."

Day 4: #nerdybookchallenge "Can't Stop Taking Pix of..."

1/4/2021, 4:45:03 PM
Day 4: #nerdybookchallenge "Can't Stop Taking Pix of..." any of the Puffin in Bloom books. Seriously, they are some of the most photogenic books on the block. The second I saw this Little Women cover, I wanted to buy three copies for myself because I like hoarding pretty things. But since we're talking Little Women, here is a question for you. In the story there are several different types of love demonstrated: platonic, familial, romantic, selfless, Godly...And I have been thinking. (Since Love is such a driving factor in life and literature) Are all these types of love essential to happiness? I was reading that Alcott never married and that Jo was a literary representation of her. However fans wrote her incessantly about Jo and Laurie getting together, which she refused to do. Some say that Jo ending up with Mr. Baehr was a small way to finally appease fans. I don't know if that's true. But it made me think: If you had to live with only one type of love, which would you pick? OR if you had to live without one type, which could you do without? People get along without one or more types of these love just fine (some by choice, some not) so don't say people can't live without any of them! (Or let's hear why people shouldn't live without one or the other! Let's get deeeep!) (Since I am married, it would be too weird to say I can't do without romantic or familial love. These loves make my life right now. So I could do without friends if I had to. Haha.). . ‼️Reading is Always in Fashion print by @bookwormboutique

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