It feels like a common theme that people are feeling

2/8/2021, 5:30:42 PM
It feels like a common theme that people are feeling content with Laurie and Amy’s marriage after seeing the new Little Women film. Did the film change your mind? I know it changed mine. In the 90s Winona Ryder + Christian Bale film, which I’ve seen approximately 100000000 times, my sisters and I would turn it off right after Jo rejected Laurie.😂😂. . Last year when the film came out, it occurred to me that I might not have ever read the book. I couldn’t remember because seeing the film so many times made me think I had? I had four copies in the house and hadn’t read it?! (I’ve since added two more editions, including the film version. Ha) So it was my first book of 2020 and I loved it so much. And then I immediately went out and saw the new film. While reading, I felt like the 90s film had done a good job of covering the book— but seeing the new film with it’s attention to scenes from the book “Good Wives”,(aka sequel book to Little Women) I felt like we got a clearer and more well rounded picture. My heart lived through Jo’s rejection and I didn’t feel one pang of regret when Laurie and Amy married. I should have read the book sooner! But between the book and this brand new film, I finally understand that everything ended exactly as it should. (Also, for some reason, I hated Amy less after the new film? I’ll still never forgive her for burning Jo’s book though. #nerdrage ) . I received this little invitation from @penguinteen to help spread the word of Margaret Stohl and Melissa de la Cruz’s new book “Jo and Laurie” coming this June. (I already owned this gorgeous Puffin in Bloom edition of “Little Women” so I declined the offer to have it sent to me) On reading the synopsis it sounds like a fanfiction where Jo and Laurie end up together and I think I’d like to give it a try. Mostly because despite my new appreciation for the way Alcott wrote her story, there is still a part of me that would love to peek into that alternate universe and see if they really would have killed each other the way Jo predicted. I guess we shall see! 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 #littlewomen #louisamayalcott #classics #classicliterature #littlewomenbook

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