Share something happy with me today! Let’s get some Monday

2/3/2021, 8:34:24 PM
Share something happy with me today! Let’s get some Monday Patronus energy going. I’ve had a piece of chocolate already this morning, I’m going to start reading “This Mortal Coil” today (a book I’ve been meaning to read for awhile) and my library hold for the audio of “The Two Towers” came in last night! . I was recently #gifted the next Patronus funko pop from @wizardingworld and Hermione’s Otter Patronus is so freaking cute! I love it’s little face!! If you’re a Wizard Gold member, you can purchase this cutie TODAY. Otherwise, sales open to the public tomorrow. I can’t wait for Ron’s terrier to come out and have this Golden trio set together. . My most recent pondering on fictional things is couple patronuses. Like how James and Lily were considered soulmates because of their matching Stag and Doe patronus forms. As well as how Tonks Patronus changed form to match Lupin after she fell in love with Lupin. Do you think wizards and witches would list their patronus form on their dating profiles? Haha. I don’t think my husband and I would have matching patronuses. We are so opposite in a lot of ways. But I do like to imagine we have a Ron and Hermione vibe going— the kind that compliment each other rather than being a perfect match. . #patronusfunko #expectopatronum #patronus #harrypotter #potterhead #pottergram #harrypotterfan #jkrowling #funkopop #funkos #hogwartsismyhome #wizardingworld #lumos

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