Fellowship weapon of choice: bow, sword, ax. Which one

1/20/2021, 6:27:44 PM
Fellowship weapon of choice: bow, sword, ax. Which one would you wield? (Film Legolas always makes me want to pick the bow. Watching him pull arrows out of his quiver at lightening speed is pretty hardcore.) I started my full LOTR trilogy reread last week and finished “The Fellowship of the Ring” (which I immediately followed up with the film). . Part of the reason I wanted to do a reread was because it’s been quite awhile since I read the books and I’ve seen the films approximately 10000000000 times. I was starting to forget the differences between the two. I did laugh out loud when book Strider/Aragorn describes himself as the “rascaly sort” because there is no way that film Aragorn would say that. I recently saw that @lindabookmania is going to be part of a Silmarillion read-along in March, so my goal is to complete the other two books so I’ll be ready for that read-along. . Do you have a series or book that you like to reread? Or maybe you’re planning a reread this year? . #thelordoftherings #thefellowshipofthering #thetwotowers #thereturnoftheking #thehobbit #jrrtolkien #lotr #gandalf #bilbobaggins #frodobaggins #samwisegamgee #middleearth #hobbits #tolkienfan

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