Do you have a book or author you feel like you could

1/11/2021, 6:12:16 PM
Do you have a book or author you feel like you could recommend to anyone? Whenever people ask me for book recommendations, the first thing I ask them is what kind of books they do NOT like to read. (I personally feel like it’s easier to recommend from that starting point.) But there are a few books that I find I can almost always recommend across the board. . Percy Jackson, and Rick Riordan in general, are books that are always at the top of my recommendation list. I love the ties to mythology, all the humor, fast-paced and great plots, and really awesome and diverse characters. . This week @the .bookish.photog came into town so we could go see “The Cursed Child” together in San Fransisco. We’ve spent the rest of the week doing the kind of fun photoshoots you can only do with another instagrammer. I’ve always wanted to do a Percy Jackson photo at the beach so huge shout out to Stephanie for making my PJO photo dreams come true. We got DRENCHED in the process. I misjudged how deep the water would be when waves came in and I ended up with water up to my waist some times haha. . #percyjackson #rickriordan #thelightningthief #camphalfblood #pjo #percyjacksonandtheolympians #heroesofolympus #beachphotography #beachday #halfmoonbay #middlegrade #greekmythology #poseidon #trialsofapollo #percabeth #riordanverse

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