Will you allow me to whisper a story to you this morning?

10/24/2021, 4:22:46 PM
Will you allow me to whisper a story to you this morning? . “Once, very long ago, Time fell in love with Fate. Their romance disrupted the flow of time. It tangled the strings of fortune into knots. The stars conspired and separated the two. For awhile they breathed easier in the heavens. Time continued to flow as it always had, or perhaps imperceptibly slower. Fate wove together the paths that were meant to intertwine, though perhaps a string was missed here and there. But the world is strange and endings are not truly endings no matter how the stars might wish it so. Occasionally Fate can pull itself together again and Time is always waiting.” (From a story whispered by Dorian to Zachary in “The Starless Sea”) . Today I’m on the “Starless Sea” tour with the theme of TIME using the Time tarot card from the deck of the son of the fortune teller. (Thank you to @doubledaybooks for gifting me this book!) I wanted to write out the full story whispered from Dorian to Zachary, but I don’t have enough caption space. But don’t worry, you’ll encounter it soon enough when you read the book. I’m saving my full review of “The Starless Sea” for closer to publication date, but I will say that reading it has been as magical, mysterious, and lovely as I hoped. . Are you anticipating “The Starless Sea”, too? What are some books that you cannot wait to read before the year is up? . Eight years ago “The Night Circus” arrived without warning. Now you. will help invite the world to sail “The Starless Sea”— Erin Morgenstern. . #thestarlesssea #erinmorgenstern #thenightcircus #tbr #tarotcards #tarot #flatlay #tarotdeck #bookstagram

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