“What kind of ass sends a lock of his own hair as a gift?”

8/17/2021, 6:02:55 PM
“What kind of ass sends a lock of his own hair as a gift?” Said Princess Elaine….“You shouldn’t speak that way of your betrothed”. The opening line of “The Sword and the Dagger” has me thinking that Princess Elaine and I would probably get along. 😂😂. . I received a fun little package in the mail the other day from @torteen #gifted ) with “The Sword and the Dagger” by Robert Cochran (the co-creator of the television show ’24’). “Set 800 years ago during the Crusades, “The Sword and the Dagger” follows Princess Elaine and her betrothed Prince Conrad after they narrowly survived an assassination attempt. The assassin Rashid joins them on a journey to uncover the truth behind the murder plot and the three reluctant companions find their courage tested by danger, betrayal, untamed wilderness, and Ghenis Khan, whose invincible army is poised to invade their world.” . From the Q&A sheet that came with the book, Robert Cochran talks about how this book was originally meant to be a film script, but the scope of the story was too broad to be compressed into two-hour format (every book lover relates. Haha) but I love what he said about history, which I’ll share below: . “One thing you learn from staying history is the truth of William Faulkner’s assertion: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” What we call the Middle East…it’s a region of such intense cultural, political, and religious conflict. And those conflicts have been going on, in one form or another, for centuries… in many ways the underlying issues have remained remarkably constant. I found it very interesting to explore some of those issues through a “long lense” looking back 800 years, and through the eyes of three very different characters who would seem familiar to modern readers in some ways, and unfamiliar in others.” . #robertcochran #theswordandthedagger #historicalfiction

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