#partner @flatiron _books This is probably one of the most

9/3/2021, 11:30:16 PM
#partner @flatiron _books This is probably one of the most important post that I’ll be making to this date on bookstagram. Dominican by @writercruz is out today and I can’t be more excited to see this book hitting the shelf’s. When I saw that Flatiron was releasing a book on my culture I instantly contacted them to send me an early copy and they responded back, which honestly made my entire year. I finished this book a while ago and I still don’t have the words to describe what I experienced while reading this one. I mean think of all the positive words to give to a novel...that’s how I felt about it. Amazing, groundbreaking, emotional, powerful, stunning, beautiful, groundbreaking, out of this world, wow, mesmerizing, personal, important, all of these words and more describe this book. Dominicana is a story that needs to be read by everyone and I highly recommend it. This book is so important to read, especially since we are living in a country where immigrants are being viewed negatively on the media and across America. Let me be real for a quick second: just last week my sister was taking the public transit to her job when an old white man told her and the bus driver that he, and I quote, “wouldn’t sit next to an Illegal Mexican Immigrant.” My sister was immediately in shock because she couldn’t believe what this man said. But she was able to defend herself by telling that nasty white man that she was actually Dominican and probably more of a citizen than him. She also called him an old f*ck which was the cherry on top lol 😂. But all I’m trying to say is that stories like Dominicana are so important to read because they highlight the sacrifices and struggles that immigrants go through in this country. We are humans trying to survive in this world! Dominicana will forever be in my shelf and in my heart and I’m so grateful to Angie Cruz for writing a story like this one. A story about my mother, my grandmother, my sister, my other sister, my cousins, me, and most importantly a story dedicated to immigrants. And I hope that this book finds the audience that it needs. Thanks again @flatiron _books for this and the shirt which I’m never throwing away ❤️🇩🇴🤗😍

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