Have you ever pretended to be in a relationship with

4/14/2021, 6:03:47 PM
Have you ever pretended to be in a relationship with someone, for whatever reason? I’ve only done it once when I was 15. I was walking home from school with a guy who would actually become one of my best friends of all time and he saw one of his friends come skateboarding down the street. (His friend went to another school). He was like “Hurry, pretend you’re my girlfriend”. I was all for it until the guy got close and I had ALL the heart eyes for HIM. 🤣The other guy didn’t buy it and funnily enough he became my on and off again boyfriend for the next eight years! This is still such a fond memory for me because we were all practically strangers at that moment and then they became some of the most important people in my high school and college life. . I mention it because “Chain of Gold” is all about relationships that aren’t exactly what they seem, and man did that put me through some emotions. I’ve mentioned it plenty of times, but “Chain of Gold” is still my top read so far this year. I loved every single second of it. This was the Will Herondale Family content we all wanted. My friend @ursula _uriarte pointed out that generally the female protagonist bugs and how refreshing it was not to have any annoying main characters this time. 😆. But seriously, I adore all these characters with my whole heart. This series is a direct continuation of The Infernal Devices trilogy, so if you’ve read those 3 books, you can read this one right away! Some times the Shadowhunter books can feel daunting because of how many there are, but this one requires very few prerequisite books! . Today I’m showing off my GORGEOUS GORGEOUS @litjoycrate edition of this amazing book. A gold foiled slipcase for the book, an exclusive pre order print of James Herondale, a letter from Lucie Herondale to Cordelia Carstairs written especially for Litjoy by Cassandra Clare, and a signed book plate! I am planning a giveaway for this exact edition with these goodies, but I felt like it might be in better form to wait to send things via mail for a couple more weeks. So be on the look out for that! .⚔️ Do you have a favorite book that you’ve read this year?

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